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With lifestyle changes
Change your lifestyle and you change your body, mind and spirit.
Go for your ultimate performance today.
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Your Perfect Body doesn’t come
without Lifestyle changes.
To become the ultimate performance version of you;
you need to make lifestyle changes now..
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Don’t let people tell you what you can or cannot do!

Your state of health and fitness depends on you!

  • It is not just genes, it is epigenetics
  • It is not just calories, it is the right type of calories
  • It is not just exercise, it is the right exercises for you
  • It is not just diet, it is the ultimate diet for you
  • It is not just your body, it is your mindset too
  • It is not just your lack of health, it is your lifestyle
  • It is not your age, it is your choice

Choose to take charge of your own life today; choose the Ultimate Performance Lifestyle today!

Dan & Anna Sommer founded Ultimate Performance Lifestyle in 2020 in response to the restrictions imposed upon a normal lifestyle by the preventive COVID 19 social distancing measures. The statistics so far prove that those who are physically fit, strong, and have a positive mindset have better immune systems and much higher resistance to COVID 19 as well as other viruses. Those who are physically weak, depressed, and/or suffers from lifestyle diseases are at a much higher risk of falling victim to the virus.

Thus, a healthy lifestyle that covers Body, Mind, and Awareness is the best long-term strategy to ensure health, fitness, and happiness.

UPL’s founders hold certificates and/or diplomas in: Advanced Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition, Life Coaching, and Psychology.

Personal Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

For Your Ultimate Performance Lifestyle

Whether you are someone who is just starting their fitness journey or a seasoned gym-goer/athlete with a solid fitness level, having UPL as your personal fitness coach will help you meet your Ultimate Performance Lifestyle fitness goals faster, safer and more effectively than you ever thought was possible.
Don’t let people discourage you from becoming the ultimate version of you!

We rely on scientifically proven methods of training that fuels your ultimate performance

"The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointments along the way." -Robert Kiyosaki
We believe that statement to be true and offers you our knowledge and experience to guide you on the way.
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Gym Schedule

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Vynyasa Yoga - 7am-9am
Boxing (Adults) - 11am-1pm
Boxing (Adults) - 3pm-5pm
Boxing (Kids) - 5pm-6pm
Flow & Restore - 6pm-7pm
P 90X - 7Pm-9pm
Vynyasa Flow - 7am-9am
ABS - 11am-1pm
Wheels - 3pm-5pm
Turnaround - 5pm-6pm
Core Strength - 6pm-7pm
Spartan - 7Pm-9pm
Power Yoga - 7am-9am
Core Strength - 11am-1pm
Core Strength - 3pm-5pm
Dominance - 5pm-6pm
Pushup - 6pm-7pm
Aikido - 7Pm-9pm
P 90X - 7am-9am
Pushup - 11am-1pm
Spin - 3pm-5pm
Back Push - 5pm-6pm
Spin - 6pm-7pm
TRX - 7Pm-9pm
Yoga - 7am-9am
Spin - 11am-1pm
Belly - 3pm-5pm
Batman - 5pm-6pm
Batman - 6pm-7pm
Muay Thai - 7Pm-9pm
Power Yoga - 7am-9am
Legday - 11am-1pm
Glute - 3pm-5pm
Core Strength - 5pm-6pm
ABS - 6pm-7pm
Insanity - 7Pm-9pm
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